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Eurogamer.net E3 Podcast - Day 2

John, Oli and Martin talk Wii U.

With Microsoft, Sony, and all the rest combining for a fairly humdrum day of pressers on Monday, it fell on Nintendo once again to "save" E3 - to give us some "buzz of the new," in the words of Reggie Fils-Aime.

Features editor Martin Robinson joins John Teti and Oli Welsh to dig deep into the Nintendo press conference. Sure, we dig into the new Wii U with its space-age controller, and the state of the 3DS, but we're talking even deeper than that: we psychoanalyze Reggie and tell you why Shigeru Miyamoto is the anti-Peter Molyneux.

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The show floor opened at noon today with a rush of sweaty journalists and industry types jockeying their way so that they could be the VERY FIRST to see the demo of Aliens: Colonial Marines. We talk about what it's like to walk around this nervous, noisy hive of activity that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. What the heck does it mean when we go "behind closed doors," anyway? Sounds naughty.

Frankly, John likes to spend his day eating the free miniature candy bars they sometimes have in the demo booths, but the more responsible members of the team went around looking at upcoming games. Martin dishes about PixelJunk Lifelike and demonstrates his encyclopedic knowledge of Japanese electronic-music artists.

Oli does his best to assuage John's fears about the new SSX game, and everyone revels in discussion of the new Official Game of the Eurogamer E3 2011 Podcast, Brothers in Arms: Furious Four.

And John, who turns out to be good for something more than stuffing his face, goes over his notes from his favorite games of the day, XBLA melee RPG Bastion and the "spiritual successor" to Demon's Souls, Dark Souls. He positively slobbers over them. It's embarrassing, really.

We wrap up by fielding one Twitter correspondent's request for a very special podcast guest and reflect on our favorite gaffes of E3 pressers past and present. Find out how Microsoft hoodwinked the world yesterday!

Throughout the week, you can always tweet @johnteti to suggest podcast topics. He loves to hear from you, because then he doesn't have to come up with ideas on his own, the lazy sot.

And if you missed yesterday's episode, starring John, Oli and Wes:

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