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Metal Gear Solid Wii U under discussion

Nintendo courts Kojima Productions.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has approached Kojima Productions about working on a title for the Wii U, the Metal Gear Solid studio has confirmed.

Creative producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana, the man responsible for the forthcoming MGS HD Collection and Snake Eater 3D, told Eurogamer that it was shown the console well in advance of Nintendo's E3 press conference yesterday, and is still weighing up how to best support the new platform.

"Obviously we did have talks with Nintendo early on – they approached us with the Wii U," he explained.

"We can't say exactly when this happened or what kind of talks we've had but we were aware of the hardware and we've been looking at it.

"We are very much thinking about possibilities with the Wii U and it looks like a very fun system. As for whether we'll have something at launch for the Wii – we can't say that. Probably not, but we definitely have things in mind.

"We're also looking at the public reaction. If there are enough people who say they want us to bring something to the Wii U that also factors into things."

Might Metal Gear Solid 5 be a nice fit for Nintendo's new machine perhaps? We tried and failed to tempt Matsuhana into dropping that particular bombshell.

"We anticipated we would get questions about this today and unfortunately our answer is, we can't answer that. We can't say anything right now. Top secret," he cheerfully responded.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D is the next franchise title due out of Kojima Productions' door, with a late 2011 3DS launch planned.

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