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Nintendo announces Wii Play: Motion

Bundled with Wii Remote Plus.

Nintendo has announced a sequel for mini-game collection Wii Play.

The original title went on to sell a staggering 27 million copies, largely due to the inclusion of a free Wii Remote. Although the cow-racing mode was fun.

This time around gamers get a Wii Remote Plus, which has the Wii's upgrading Motion Plus attachment built in. There are also 12 new mini-games, including frisbee throwing, whack-a-mole, and what looks like some Mary Poppins-style umbrella flying.

North American gamers will get the game and a black Wii Remote Plus to slip their wrist-straps around from 13th June, although European enthusiasts of Julie Andrews will have to wait a little longer. Despite the promise of a red Wii Remote Plus for your troubles, Nintendo is yet to date the game at all during the Q2 period.

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Wii Play: Motion

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