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Who's Winning E3? Day 2

My press conference is bigger than yours.

Let's face it, yesterday was just a warm-up. Now, with Sony and Microsoft's conferences done and Nintendo's still to come, E3 is truly underway.

So who's winning? By which we mean, which E3-related articles are You, The Readers, clicking on most right now? Here's the top ten, as of 3pm today. Check back tomorrow to see how the land lies after Reggie's had his go.


1. Microsoft E3 conference live text

Straight in at number one goes our live text report of Microsoft's E3 press conference. An astonishing feat considering everything was on the internet two hours before it started.

2. NGP hands-on

Staying strong in second is our hands-on with the Sony NPG, or PS Vita as we now know it's called. Shame, the other name always gave us joyous Prince flashbacks.

3. Halo 4 confirmed by Microsoft

So who was to blame for pushing the button which meant Microsoft's big announcements leaked early? Maybe Don Mattrick had been at the cooking sherry. Butterfingers.

4. Sony E3 conference live text

No, not as widely-read as the Microsoft live text, but to be fair Sony's conference started in the middle of the night. Bet everyone who did stay up till 3am for that news about seven extra cars in NFS is glad.

5. F1 2011 preview

Losing traction on the tarmac as it cruises into fifth place is please Lord deliver us I cannot believe it is only Tuesday.

5. NGP's backwards compatibility revealed

Seriously though, there must have been some more good PSP titles other than Puzzle Quest and Daxter. What was that game about the blobby things? The one with the racism?

6. Nikkei leaks Project Cafe details

Naughty Nikkei, eh? Unless of course Nintendo deliberately leaked the details in a bid to build hype and gauge consumer reaction, ha ha how impossibly unfeasible.

7. Project Cafe not Wii 2 but "Nintendo"?

Naming your product after your company sounds bonkers. But then, five years ago, so did naming your product after the playground name for urine. In fact, tenner says it's called the Nintendo Pu.

8. wipEout 2048 preview

Just imagine what life will actually be like in 2048. Perhaps shops will even be taking pre-orders for The Last Guardian.

9. Uncharted: Golden Abyss preview

Not to be confused with Uncharted: Going for Golden, in which Nathan Drake pits his wits against contestants from across the Continent as they struggle to answer questions in a foreign language. With Henry Kelly. (Rpt)

10. PlayStation Vita European price, date

Well pour us a hot cup of whatasurprise, Sony's new gadget is going to cost more over here than it does in the US. But living in Britain isn't all bad, at least we don't have to pay exorbitant university fees. Hang on wait. Well at least we're not financing a war over oil, oh never mind.

So there's your top ten for now. Come back tomorrow, when Nintendo's conference is over and the dust has had time to settle, to find out who is more gooder than the other ones.

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