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Mass Effect 3 box has lady Shepard

'FemShep' a cover girl at last.

Lady Shepard will feature on the Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition box, BioWare has said.

The series has previously leaned on male Shepard to front the sci-fi space opera. He's who you play as in demos, he's who you see in videos.

"Both MaleShep and FemShep are featured on the Collector's Edition. One side male, one side female," confirmed BioWare marketeer David Silverman.

Note that BioWare hasn't confirmed that FemShep will be on the Standard Edition box.

The chances of that are presumably slim. Only 20 per cent of gamers picked a FemShep to play through Mass Effect 2 with, according to BioWare's stats.

Oh hello, lady of my dreams.

Nevertheless, Silverman went on to reveal on Twitter that BioWare was working on a new FemShep video.

Mass Effect 3 takes the battle to Earth amid an invasion by nasty spaceships the Reapers. Eurogamer broke the news this week that Mass Effect 3 will have four-player co-op.

Eurogamer got its latest glance of BioWare's space supremo at E3 last week.

An homage to FemShep was made by a talented fan. That video is below. Bewarned, it covers most of the Mass Effect 2 campaign and therefore, by nature, has spoilers aplenty.

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