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Duran Duran head to Second Life

No ordinary world, apparently.

Duran Duran Universe makes its debut in the virtual world of Second Life on the 22nd June.

Chrissy Welinder, DDU community manager, made the announcement on the New Wave band's official Wordpress site:

"The Duran Duran Universe – the permanent virtual residence of and by the band Duran Duran in Second Life – will soon open its gates," she wrote.

"I am so very thrilled about it that I can hardly find any words. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to be the proud witness to the birth of a magic masterminds brainchild and I feel even more honoured to now share this amazingly beautiful wonderland with you.

"From the top of the lipstick tower high in the Azizi sky to the underwater UFO Club in the Sanhedralite sea the Duran Duran Universe is packed full of wonderful artistic treasures, interactive features, innovative multimedia and exciting events and games. All carefully chosen by the band members as part of their motto: 'designed to make people party!'"

Like Chrissy, Eurogamer was also left speechless by the announcement. But Rio it to our readers to report on the development.