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Second Life claims the most spare time

And only WOW more popular across US.

Nielsen Games has said Second Life is the second-most played game across the US, and the virtual world where people spend the most time.

The research company randomly sampled 180,000 homes across the country and found that, on average, 760 minutes are spent playing Second Life each week.

World of Warcraft only claims 653 minutes a week, but accounts for a massive 47 per cent of total minutes played. Second Life, at two, only represents three per cent of that figure.

No other MMOs feature, but Second Life beats the likes of Half-Life 2, StarCraft and Civilization IV.

Massively finds that, on average, people spend 47 minutes on YouTube each week, 84 minutes on Facebook and just 10 minutes on MySpace.

Second Life is a virtual world based on our own, where players and sell property and services to each other. The in-game currency can be legitimately purchased with real money, however, which has lead to some Second Life "companies" turning over real-business-like profits and gaining real-life value.