Second Life

NSA, GCHQ can listen to Xbox Live chat communications

UPDATE: Microsoft insists alleged spying "wasn't done with our consent".

UPDATE #2: Microsoft has spoken out against the government surveillance of its customers and joined other technology giants such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter by signing a jointly-authored document entitled 'Global Government Surveillance Reform'.

Pioneering MMO Second Life plots a comeback

User numbers up 40 per cent, 20,000 sign-ups a day.

Ground-breaking MMO Second Life grabbed the zeitgeist in the mid '00s, winning both headlines and massive user numbers with its sprawling virtual world and booming in-game economy.

Blizzard targeted in MMO patent dispute

WOW and Second Life next if NCsoft loses.

Confirming our suspicions, has revealed that it intends to sue Blizzard and Linden Labs if its patent suit against NCsoft is successful.

Second Life-inspired movie planned

Verbinski to direct, slams role-players.

Variety reports that Universal Studios and Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski are to make a film about a man who loses his life to an online virtual world.