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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Who Won E3?

This week's hottest topics revealed.

Fair enough, so judging who won a trade show based on website stats is pretty arbitrary. But it was that or hold an actual pissing contest, and Kaz, Reggie and Don all claimed they were busy.

So here we are - these are the Eurogamer articles which were read most during E3 2011. Thanks for clicking.


1. Microsoft E3 conference live text

Well done Microsoft - the coverage of your E3 conference was by far the most popular of all our live text reports, despite the fact you accidentally put it all on the internet early and didn't have any new hardware to show. Here's hoping that next year you don't break our servers by not even turning up.

2. Nintendo E3 conference live text

Reggie, Iwata and Miyamoto put on a good show this year, if a bit of a confusing one. We miss Cammie, though. Where is that white trouser suit now?

3. Nintendo Wii U Specs Emerge

Seems like everyone wants to know the exact dimensions of the Wii U. Perhaps so they can construct believable replicas out of cornflake packets in a bid to impress chicks with their super-early adopter cred.

4. Sony E3 conference live text

We still dream of the day when Phil Harrison makes his E3 comeback, walking onto the stage through a cloud of dry ice to the sound of "The Boys Are Back in Town". Maybe next year, eh?

5. 7 things you didn't know about Wii U

But Iwata wasn't afraid to ask. Beats Miyamoto banging on about how much fun it is to measure things.

6. Wii U hands-on

Up two places to number six is Oli's hands-on preview of Nintendo's new gadget. Here's hoping he'll manage to get the one he stuffed under his jumper past customs.

7. Halo 4 confirmed by Microsoft

One of only two articles in the top ten about an actual individual game. Does no one care about Sword of the Stars II: Lord of Winter?

8. NGP hands-on

Arguably, then, there's more interest in the Wii U than Sony's new handheld. But we're reserving judgement till we've had the chance to drop both of them off a tall building and see which one makes the best smashing sound.

9. F1 2011 preview

There's still gas in this preview's tank judging by the way it's kept putting the pedal to the metal please please make it stop now dear Lord what's that you say only two more hours hallelujah praise him praise him.

10. NGP's backwards compatibility revealed

To summarise, then: Lumines, Loco Roco, the God of War thing, Puzzle Quest, Daxter. It only took us a week to think of five great PSP games. By this time next year we could be up to half a dozen.

So that's that. But never mind boring old stats, here's your chance to tell us who you think came out on top.