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McRae charity DLC released for Dirt 3

Drive his famous 1970s Ford Escort.

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A Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack has been released for Dirt 3 - the racing series that used to be prefixed with the late rally driver's name.

The pack contains a Ford Escort MK II rally car - a replica of the vehicle McRae made famous during the 1970s [presumably father Jimmy McRae - Colin wasn't born until '68 - Ed.]. There are five liveries bundled with it.

The DLC costs 160 Microsoft Points. All profits will go to the Colin McRae Vision Charity, which raises funds for "charitable and worthwhile causes" worldwide.

The Charity Pack will be offered on PS3 for £1.19/€1.49/$1.99 sometime after the PlayStation Store returns.

The Colin McRae Vision Charity Pack is the first in a series of weekly DLC additions for Dirt 3. These will add both cars and courses.

Colin McRae was killed in a helicopter accident in 2007.

Dirt 3 was the first game in the series to drop Colin McRae's name from the title. Game-maker Codemasters explained that "the time had come" and that Dirt 2 was "very much our tribute" to the renowned rally driver.

Dirt 3 - a comparison between PS3 and Xbox 360.

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