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DiRT 3 gets Online Pass

VIP Pass fights dirty with second hand market.

Codemasters' forthcoming off-road racer DiRT 3 uses an online pass that enables play via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network as well as unlocking five new vehicles.

Dubbed the VIP Pass, the code is included in all new retail copies of the game and is part of an ongoing effort from publishers to combat the second hand games market.

DiRT 3's VIP Pass comes bundled with a few extra sweeteners on top of the enabling of online play, with a McRae M4, Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 and Hummer H3 among the five exclusive vehicles unlocked by the code.

Eurogamer revved a 9/10 in this afternoon's DiRT 3 review, with some jumped-up prick saying that "it's another great racing game from an outfit that's proving itself to be a master of its craft". DiRT 3 hits shelves - VIP Pass and all - on 24th May.