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DiRT 3 Complete Edition is free on PC and Mac through the Humble Store

Offer expires Saturday at 6pm.

Codemaster's acclaimed 2011 racing game, DiRT 3, is free on PC and Mac through the Humble Store.

All you need to do is snag a Steam code before Saturday at 6pm UK time.

More good news: this isn't just DiRT 3, but the Complete Edition of the Colin McRae Rally title. That means it includes all of the game's DLC, adding several new cars and tracks to the game.

Our resident racing expert Martin Robinson loved DiRT 3 back in the day.

"Codemasters has succeeded in curating another superlative festival of driving," he said in his DiRT 3 review. "It's a package more inclusive than any of its predecessors, shot through with the quiet innovations that have defined the studio's more recent efforts. With its off-road events celebrating the series' past and Gymkhana presenting a potentially bright new future, it's another great racing game from an outfit that's proving itself to be a master of its craft."