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Dirt 3 ditching Games for Windows Live for Steamworks

May not happen until next year, though.

Dirt 3 released in May 2011.

The PC version of racing game Dirt 3 will soon ditch Games for Windows Live for Steamworks support, Codemasters has announced.

On Twitter the developer was asked whether the game and its downloadable content will be moved over to Valve's platform ahead of the Games for Windows Live shutdown, and the answer was a big fat yes.

"We are working on it but it may not be until the new year," came the response.

It looks unlikely that Dirt 3 will be moved over to GOG.com, however. "No current plans," Codemasters replied when asked on Twitter. "We'll see what the future holds :)"

In August Microsoft let slip that it would shut down Games for Windows live in July 2014. It has insisted that it believes in PC gaming and will transition to "new investments", but how it will do so remains to be seen.