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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Google getting into games

Games at Google a brand new business.

Gargantuan search engine Google is getting into games.

It's after a product manager for games to work at its California headquarters on "Games at Google".

"We are looking for a strategic, technical and game-loving Product Manager to drive Google's gaming strategy," reads the job specification.

"You will design strategies for game distribution and discovery, player identity, game mechanics, and more. In addition to designing a great user experience and building out key partnerships, you will be significantly influencing Google's social platform as you work directly with a critical set of early adopters, game developers.

"Interesting and impactful decisions involving social gaming, privacy, virality, business, and technical APIs await you and the strong, passionate team of gamers you will work with."

Also discussed are Google's "gaming platform" and developer relations.

Google has long been rumoured to be interested in getting into games. This is the first official confirmation of its effort.

Social gaming is the focus. The question now is, how will Games at Google be delivered? Through its Android mobile phone operating system, or through the web?