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Japan chart: PSP on top, 3DS gathers pace

One Piece, Pandora's Tower rule software.

The PSP retains its lead on the Japanese hardware charts this week, with the 3DS finally starting to show signs of life in two.

According to the latest Media create figures, reported by Andriasang, the PSP sold 33,609 units during the week beginning 23rd May, up slightly on the 30,463 it managed the week prior.

Buoyed by the release of One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special, the 3DS came in second with 24,283 sales, well up on last week's 17,240. With Resident Evil: Mercenaries out in Japan this week and Ocarina of Time following on the 16th, Nintendo will no doubt be hoping its slow-off-the-blocks portable can maintain that forward momentum.

Elsewhere, there was hardware growth across the board following last week's dismal numbers. Here's how things shaped up:

  1. PSP: 33,609 (Last week: 30,463)
  2. 3DS: 24,283 (17,240)
  3. PS3: 15,987 (12,935)
  4. Wii: 7,438 (6,269)
  5. DSi LL: 5,197 (5,176)
  6. DSi: 5,106 (4,938)
  7. X360: 2,303 (2,186)
  8. PS2: 1,274 (1,129)
  9. DS Lite: 139 (158)
  10. PSP go: 76 (65)

The aforementioned One Piece title took the top spot in the software chart, and by some margin. The Nintendo-published Wii action adventure Pandora's Tower debuted at three, one ahead of last week's number one Akiba's Trip.

The full top 10 looked like this:

  1. One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special (Namco Bandai, 3DS): 80,488 NEW!
  2. Troy Musou (Koei, PS3): 31,428 NEW!
  3. Pandora's Tower (Nintendo, Wii): 21,445 NEW!
  4. Akiba's Trip (Acquire, PSP): 16,582 (LTD: 74,732)
  5. Nobunaga no Yabou Tendou with Power Up Kit (Koei, PS3): 15,456 NEW!
  6. Treasure Report: Kikai Jikake no Isan (Namco Bandai, DS): 14,304 NEW!
  7. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional (Square Enix, DS): 13,974 (508,767)
  8. Patapon 3 (SCEJ, PSP): 9,134 (104,475)
  9. Iza Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa (QuinRose, PSP): 9,008 NEW!
  10. Pro Baseball Spirits 2011 (Konami, PSP): 8,394 (168,460)

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