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New COD Black Ops map DLC leaked

Silo, Drive-In, Hazard, Hangar 18.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The third Call of Duty: Black Ops add-on will add a further five maps: Hangar 18, Hazard, Silo, Drive-In and another Zombies scenario.

That's according to a blurry shot of a GameStop promotional flyer posted on Xbox360Achievements.

Descriptions of each can barely be seen. "Invade Hangar 18" and "Attack at the Drive-In" are just visible. Does it say "Escape the Hazard"? Is it a minefield?

The smaller Silo and Zombie text can't be made out at all. Silo refers to a large outdoor missile silo, judging by the picture.

Black Ops was most recently bolstered with an Escalation map pack that costs 1200 MSP or £10.99 on PS3 - the latter was released today due to the PSN hack-related hangover.

Eurogamer's Will Porter reviewed the Escalation pack, turning up a 7/10.

Zombies in Escalation.

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