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THQ shuts Red Faction: Battlegrounds dev

No more Juice left in the tank.

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Another THQ studio has bitten the dust - THQ Digital Warrington, known once as Juice Games.

Yesterday we heard that Homefront developer Kaos Studios is no more. Homefront 2 will move to THQ Montreal.

The THQ Digital Warrington team made Red Faction: Battlegrounds (5/10 - Eurogamer) and were making Warhammer 40K: Kill Team.

UK games industry body TIGA blamed tax breaks, which are rubbish here where the Queen lives.

"THQ's decision confirms once again that Canada's tax breaks are draining investment and employment away from the UK," commented TIGA boss Richard Wilson. "THQ has made it clear that the UK development workforce is second to none."

Juiced, Juice Games' 2005 debut release as an independent outlet, was awarded 6/10 on Eurogamer by then-editor Kristan Reed.

Juiced 2, released two years later, also scored 6/10, also from Kristan Reed.

Kill Team, THQ Digital Warrington's last project.

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