Juiced: Eliminator

Juice team making two new games

"Fresh and exciting", says boss.

Following THQ's decision to throw the Juiced series of racing games in the bin, Juice Games has said it is squeezing two fresh projects out.

Juiced: Eliminator

Juiced: Eliminator


I've never really been one for self-titled art. Musically, for example, it just confuses people. "Yes I was listening to that the other day." "What?" "Blur." "Yes but which?" "Just Blur." "Oh you mean the self-titled one." "Yep." "But Blur's rubbish." "What, the self-titled one?" "No." "The band?" "Stop that." But then I suppose it doesn't happen very often.

For example, it's not happening now: Juiced comes from similarly named Juice Games, but that's hardly confusing. Released after much fanfare, original publisher bankruptcy, tweaking and a second wave of fanfare to middling reviews in the summer of 2005, the console-and-PC version took a slightly different approach to the average car-collect-'em-up, by offering "a full extension of the culture that embodies street racing," as Rod Cousens, the former CEO of Acclaim said in January 2004. Which, in the real world, basically means it's a bit like The Fast & The Furious.

The same's true of the PSP version, except it's been dialled down in various areas. So, for example, you can still customise your car to perfection and then actually wager it against real people; it's just that those real people will need to be within Wi-Fi distance of you as there's no infrastructure multiplay. It's also been dialled up though, with two new areas (both of which consist of several new routes), eight new crews and over 100 new parts with which to customise your car.

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