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Juice team making two new games

"Fresh and exciting", says boss.

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Following THQ's decision to throw the Juiced series of racing games in the bin, Juice Games has said it is squeezing two fresh projects out.

Speaking exclusively to, developer boss Colin Bell said while he was sad to leave bikinis and nitrous oxide behind he was also pumped about what's next.

"In a way it's disappointing to see the end of something that we created but there are sound commercial reasons for this decision that we must and do respect," said Bell.

"We are working on two very fresh and exciting projects that I can't discuss, but the whole office is buzzing with the work we've done here recently."

Juice Games was acquired by THQ in March 2006, and has since produced Juiced 2: Hot Import nights and Juiced Eliminator for the company.

However, disappointing sales compared to rivals like Need For Speed Pro Street finally put and end to the series yesterday - just as the developer was celebrating its fifth birthday.

Bell said his company is focusing on the future, with the team already restructured and hard at work.

"Following the launch of Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights, we made a number of structural changes at the studio, mainly so that we could properly support two developed products rather than just the one franchise," detailed Bell.

"We've grown from 15 to nearly 100 staff in the five years so it's natural for us to evolve our structure."

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