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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Section 8: Prejudice Overdrive DLC out

Cheap new maps for great shooter.

You-should-buy-it downloadable shooter Section 8: Prejudice expands today with the Overdrive map pack.

Inside are two new maps: Abaddon and Sky Dock. Abaddon has magma craters and a power facility built on hot ground. Sky Dock is space port nestled in a frozen land. Both are playable online and off, and across all game types.

The Overdrive map pack costs 320 Microsoft Points. They're available on PC and Xbox 360. No word on the PS3 equivalent, which will need to wait until there's a functioning PlayStation Store.

A double-XP weekend will be held in celebration this weekend, starting 3rd June at 6pm BST. This ends Monday, 6th June at 6pm BST.

TimeGate made nicely priced (1200 MSP) multiplayer shoot-friends game Section 8: Prejudice. The hook comes from jetpacks and descending onto levels from outer-space each time you respawn.

"Were it not for the outdated visuals and functional presentation, Prejudice would easily be worth a full-price purchase. It is, quite simply, the best multiplayer shooter since Battlefield: Bad Company 2. As a budget digital download, it's ridiculously good value," wrote Eurogamer in its 9/10 review.

The first 15 minutes of Section 8: Prejudice.