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PlayStation Plus anniversary freebies

Section 8-related goodies.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It's anniversary month for PlayStation Plus, and Sony has a couple more 'treats' to offer.

If you're a PlayStation Plus member you will have exclusive and free access to Hunter Armour in Section 8: Prejudice, according to the European PlayStation blog.

The first 1000 Plus members to buy Prejudice will also receive Section 8, the first game, for nothing. But do you really want the older, not-as-good game?

Sony will give PlayStation Plus members tower defence game Comet Crash free of charge as well.

Eurogamer's Section 8: Prejudice review dished out a delicious 9/10.

"Were it not for the outdated visuals and functional presentation, Prejudice would easily be worth a full-price purchase," declared reviewer Dan Whitehead.

"It is, quite simply, the best multiplayer shooter since Battlefield: Bad Company 2. As a budget digital download, it's ridiculously good value."

Eurogamer plays Section 8: Prejudice.

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