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New Section 8: Prejudice DLC announced

Two extra maps for downloadable FPS.

A new map pack is on its way to PC/Xbox Live Arcade shooter Section 8 Prejudice, developer TimeGate Studios has announced.

Due out 1st June priced at 320 Microsoft Points, the Overdrive DLC adds the Abaddon and Sky Dock maps.

The former is set in a power cell facility among the magma craters of Abaddon, whereas the latter is a military base and space port nestled in frozen tundra.

We've got screens of both maps below, courtesy of GameFront.

TimeGate's multiplayer-focussed FPS launched last month to considerable Eurogamer acclaim.

"It is, quite simply, the best multiplayer shooter since Battlefield: Bad Company 2," enthused Dan Whitehead in his 9/10 review. "As a budget digital download, it's ridiculously good value."

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Section 8: Prejudice

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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