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Section 8: Prejudice release date

A retail shooter in download disguise?

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Beefy downloadable multiplayer shooter Section 8: Prejudice will be released first on Xbox Live Arcade on 20th April.

A Games for Windows - Live launch comes next on 4th May.

A PlayStation Network release follows, albeit ambiguously in "summer 2011".

Developer TimeGate has also announced a rewards program for loyal fans.

Those who played the original Section 8 will automatically unlock Aegis Armor and Reactive Plating upgrades in Section 8: Prejudice. Those who reached level 25 will unlock the Ablative Plating upgrade, too. And if you got all the way up to level 50, you'll unlock the Explosives Amplifier upgrade as well.

Section 8 was a full-priced game and scored 8/10 on Eurogamer. TimeGate felt that wasn't competitive enough and made the sequel a downloadable game priced at 1200 Microsoft Points or $14.99 on PS3.

While the price may be smaller, TimeGame hopes the content won't be. The core multiplayer - based around dropping down on a level from outer-space and then jetpacking around - supports up to 32 people. Then there's a wave-based, co-operative mode for up to four people. Then there are dedicated servers for all platforms. Then there's a five-hour single-player campaign. And then there's even offline bot support for practice.

TimeGate talks about Section 8 Prejudice.

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