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Xenoblade bundle for Game, Gamestation

Pack is exclusive pre-order bonus.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has announced Xenoblade Chronicle's European bundle is a pre-order exclusive at Game and Gamestation in the UK.

The bundle pack - which includes a red Classic Controller Pro - was spotted online yesterday.

The game box itself features a reversible cover with an alternative design chosen by fans. The bundle also contains three exclusive posters, "electronically signed" by the founder of Monolith Software, Tetsuya Takahashi.

Xenoblade Chronicles is currently a target of US-led Operation Rainfall, a high profile fan campaign aimed at getting three Wii RPGs released in the West.

Animated Wii gamers spammed Nintendo's forums and Facebook with requests the company get the game localised. Users put down enough cold hard cash to boost the game to the top of Amazon's pre-order chart.

Xenoblade features "100 hours of immersive gameplay" and launched in Japan to positive reviews. "Whatever you see in the distance can be reached giving you real freedom to explore and plot your way around quests", a press release states.

The Wii role-player is one of the console's last major titles - it launches across Europe on 2nd September.

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