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Nintendo sorry for Xenoblade error

Online orders miss posters.

Nintendo has apologised to fans who put down money for the Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles' pre-order bundle at Game or Gamestation but didn't get what they were promised.

Alongside the game and a red Classic Controller Pro, gamers were promised three exclusive A1-sized posters, digitally signed by the game's developer.

But those who ordered the deal online instead of in-store were never entitled to the poster offer, Nintendo has now admitted.

"Please note that the three posters are only available via in-store pre-order, which was not correctly communicated before," Nintendo clarified.

"If you previously placed an online pre-order to get these posters sent with your copy of the pre-order bundle, please get in contact with Game or Gamestation using the links."

The links posted link to Xenoblade's Game and Gamestation product pages.

"We strongly apologise for this inconvenience," the post concluded.

Meanwhile, gamers who managed to pick up the bundle in-store have reported some stores only stocking two out of the three designs.

With posters or not, Eurogamer's Simon Parkin rated 9/10 Xenoblade Chronicles well worth picking up:

"It's a game that invites us to reassess an entire genre, pointing to a bold future while nodding its respect towards the past. It's a towering triumph."

10 minutes of Xenoblade Chronicles.