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Nintendo confirms Wii JRPGs for Europe

Last Story, Pandora's Tower in 2012.

Nintendo has confirmed European releases for Japanese Wii RPGs Pandora's Tower and The Last Story.

Both games will be here next year.

Wii gamers have campaigned for Pandora's Tower and The Last Story to head West. This week's release of brilliant JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles was proof that such action could work.

Pandora's Tower is an action RPG developed by Ganbarion, maker of the One Piece games. The story revolves around players obtaining monster flesh from 13 towers to save a childhood friend.

The Last Story was created by Mistwalker, the studio founded by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. It follows an orphaned child who must become a mercenary to survive.

Nintendo is handling publishing duties for both in Europe.

There's still no word on a US release date for either The Last Story or Pandora's Tower - or, indeed, Xenoblade Chronicles. The trio of JRPGs were the targets of fan movement Operation Rainfall, which spammed Nintendo for Western release dates. Nintendo of America has so far spurned fan advances.

Simon Parkin wrote Eurogamer's Xenoblade Chronicles review. He turned up a whopping great 9/10. "It's a game that invites us to reassess an entire genre, pointing to a bold future while nodding its respect towards the past," he wrote. "It's a towering triumph."

The Last Story - coming to Europe in 2012.