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PS Move "doesn't add value" to FIFA

EA explains.

EA has confirmed Kinect support for FIFA – indeed it's set to incorporate the motion-sensing tech into the series for next year's game. But what about PlayStation Move?

Sony's motion controller isn't on EA Sports' radar for FIFA, senior vice president of worldwide development Andrew Wilson told Eurogamer.

"We have not focused on PS Move for FIFA, but that's not to say we won't," he said.

"There have been different problems we're solving as we go through the process. That's not one we've sought to solve. We've focused a lot with PS Move with Tiger, and we've looked at other sports where it seems a natural fit."

Why isn't Move right for FIFA? Because it "doesn't add value" to the experience.

"What we learnt coming through the Wii development cycle is to use the controller to add value, and if the controller doesn't add value, don't use it.

"Far be it for me to say the Move controller is right or wrong for FIFA. We've not seen it to add value today. But it's only one person that comes and says, 'I've got a great idea.'"

EA Sports president Peter Moore popped up on stage during Microsoft's E3 press conference last week to reveal three games set for Kinect support: FIFA, Madden NFL and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. A fourth mystery game will also receive Kinect integration.