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Eve Online: CCP addresses player revolt

Extraordinary meeting of the CSM called.

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In its latest developer update, Eve Online publisher CCP has announced that an extraordinary meeting of the company's Council of Stellar Management will be held on 30th June to 1st July.

The Council, elected by players, will meet to address concerns surrounding the future of micro-transactions directly with the developers. Until that meeting has concluded, no further comment will be made by CCP.

Over the last week, CCP has found itself swept up in a tidal wave of player anger concerning leaked internal documents that hint at micro-transactions for in-game advantages, the high price of avatar vanity items, technical issues with the Incarna expansion, and a reference to the game as a "golden goose".

While the most recent developer blog suggests that "gold ammo" purchases are not planned for, similar re-assurances over micro-transaction plans were given by the company last summer.

On Friday, players protested in Eve's trade hubs, flooding systems with traffic in an attempt to bring the game's economy to a halt.

Look out for Eurogamer's analysis of CCP's Summer of Discontent, due to be published later today.

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