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Zynga Empire & Allies on Facebook today

"Think CityVille meets Risk."

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Image credit: Eurogamer

FarmVille maker Zynga will imminently release Empires & Allies on Facebook - a new combat-focused strategy game.

Look for it later today.

Made by some of the minds that built Command & Conquer, Empire & Allies challenges you to build an island-spanning empire as you work toward a Dark Alliance showdown.

Friends can help you or hinder you along the way, either jumping to your defence to repel invasions or vice versa, trampling your turf. Honour and Infamy points await, depending on whether you were helpful or harmful.

"Empires & Allies is strategy combat gone social – think CityVille meets Risk," commented Zynga.

"We're focused on bringing our players a new form of entertainment and a strategy game is definitely a new playground for us.

"Play is in everyone's DNA, and this game lets you have fun and get creative by choosing your own destiny, building a nation and eventually, conquering the world."

Empire & Allies.

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