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Bungie Mobile not iOS exclusive forever

But what is it?

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You can only download the new free Bungie Mobile app if you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

But that won't be the case forever.

"We're not ready to announce phase 2 features at this time," wrote Bungie on its website. "That said, we hear non-iPhone users loud and clear. Same goes for feature requests covering forums, more robust stat integration and free puppies.

"We make no specific promises, but we will be updating the app in the future. Keep the comments coming and hang tight."

Those with a portable Apple device have access to a Blue Flames effect in Halo: Reach. Once you activate it the effect will pop up in the game's Armory under Armor Effects. Blue Flame is labelled Eternal.

Once you've done that, a Bungie Nameplate will be added when you visit the Bungie website.

Bungie Mobile was released yesterday. It lets you check your Halo: Reach Challenge and Commendation progress, hook up to the Bungie news feed and grants access to an online swag bag.

"It's our first, small step into the mobile world," wrote Bungie communicator Urk. "The first of many.

"It really is just a beginning - our first, super cute baby step. We already have adult-type plans to keep updating Mobile with new features and enhancements in the months and years to come."

The next step of those mobile plans may be Bungie Aerospace, a mysterious spin-off company working on something called Crimson. This has nothing to do with the rumoured Destiny MMO Bungie is working on for Activision.

Bungie has pledged to reveal Bungie Aerospace by the time 7th of July - Bungie Day - arrives.

Halo: Reach in 16 minutes, 34 seconds.

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