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Angry Birds hits 250 million downloads

Plus, Rovio confirms next project.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Absurdly successful smartphone timewaster Angry Birds has now been downloaded a whopping 250 million times, developer Rovio has revealed.

According to a brief Tech Crunch interview with studio founder Peter Vesterbacka, that figure is across all platforms – iOS, Android, PC, Mac, PSP and PlayStation 3.

Vesterbacka also revealed the title of Rovio's next game - its first since Angry Birds. Called Wine and Dine, it will apparently focus on the Angry Birds series' malevolent pigs. No word yet on exactly how it will work though.

Non Angry Birds-related titles are also apparently in the works, as is Angry Birds Magic, a location-based platform that lets you unlock new content depending on where you're playing the game.

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