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Free-running for NFS The Run

On-foot sections detailed in live demo.

Need for Speed The Run is to feature on-foot free-running sections that will intersperse its behind the wheel action.

Black Box's return to the Need for Speed franchise was shown in a live demo at EA's E3 2011 conference , displaying a new and novel direction for the series.

Urban racing returns, with a nocturnal Chicago hosting some drift-heavy driving. The driving section was cut short as the player's car was t-boned, triggering an extended on-foot pursuit across rooftops, told from a tight third person perspective with QTEs dictating the action.

As the figure approaches the edge of each building, a QTE button prompt appears. A successful command and the player leaps the gap, landing with a roll on the other side.

Landing back on the ground the figure sneaks behind a waiting police car. More QTE button presses and the player can subdue an unsuspecting cop with a roundhouse kick to the chest, before making off in his police cruiser.

A new objective then flashes on-screen: "Escape the city".

Autolog will return, and will be used to track each part of the race from New York to San Francisco that forms the backbone of Need for Speed The Run - including the out-of-car sections.

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