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Deus Ex: Human Revolution ESRB rating

Euthanasia, prostitutes, "sprays" of blood.

American ratings board ESRB has given Deus Ex: Human Revolution a Mature certificate.

Ticked are the boxes Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language and Use of Alcohol.

The game's many gunfights are "highlighted by screams of pain" and "large sprays of blood that stain the surrounding environment", revealed the ESRB. Up close there's "choking" and "electrocution".

Hero Adam Jensen can also administer euthanasia.

"During one sequence, an injured man asks to be 'put out of his misery'," the ESRB documented. "The main character can then administer a morphine overdose."

There's no mention of Jensen romping with prostitutes, but he will apparently bump into 'working ladies' from time to time.

"Some missions contain sexual material," noted the ESRB. "A brothel room containing a sex toy on the bed; dialogue with prostitutes (e.g., 'They want me to get augmentations ... for the customer's pleasure. It's sick,' and, '[W]e can find a quiet spot ... Do you have enough money for me, sexy?')."

Jensen can even stitch people up and plant illegal drugs to have them arrested. Drinking alcohol blurs the screen.

In the UK, the BBFC gave Deus Ex: Human Revolution a 15 rating.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released in full at the end of August. We played 10 hours of the mouth-watering futuristic RPG and attempted to answer your direct questions in Eurogamer's Deus Ex: Human Revolution preview.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution at E3 2011.

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