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New Xbox reveal at E3 unlikely - source

Rumour says EA has dev kits already.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eurogamer understands that an E3 2011 reveal for Microsoft's next Xbox is highly unlikely.

Our respected source poured water on Develop's report that some kind of announcement will happen next month at E3.

Develop's report also mentions that EA already has development kits for the new console. To a untrained eye, these apparently look like PCs. But inside are apparently the components of Microsoft's next Xbox.

Prototype dev kits typically are PCs inside a PC box: the first Xbox 360 developer tools were based on dual core G5 PowerPC Macs with an ATI X800 GPU while the initial PS3 dev kits were based around a PC with two GeForce 6800 Ultras running in SLI.

The Develop source believes the new Xbox could launch as soon as the end of 2012.

No technical specifications for the new console were given.

EA and Microsoft both declined comment.

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