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Geohot reportedly working for Facebook

"Doesn't want to do public appearances."

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George "Geohot" Hotz, the man who hacked into the PlayStation 3, is working for social networking giant Facebook, according to online reports.

Hotz reportedly revealed he was working at Facebook after turning down a challenge to crack the iPad 2.

Hi Wes, FYI - just got this tweet from a guy from MyGreatFest: Hey Johnny I see we got a mention Here, but were not a hacking community (were an event) and it was a livestream with MyGreatFest team, and not a YouTube video. (bad reporting from whoever wrote it) Johnny

A member of the Chronic-Dev Team named Joshua Hill said in a live stream interview with MyGreatFest that Hotz, who settled out of court with Sony earlier this year, didn't want the attention a hack attempt on the iPad 2 would bring.

Hill claims Hotz is working at Facebook in video of the interview published by Techunwrapped.

Geohot apparently has a Facebook page, too. The first post at the top of page reads: "Facebook is really an amazing place to work… first hackathon over."

Apparently, Geohot "doesn't want to do public appearances anymore".

Well he's changed his tune…

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