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90% of PSN users have returned post-hack

But Sony still has no idea who did it.

Over 90 per cent of PlayStation Network users have returned to the service following April's month long outage, Sony has revealed.

SCEA president Jack Tretton revealed the figure during an interview with The New York Times, adding that it represents around 70 million users.

"We expect you'll see an influx of new people as new games come out this year," he said.

According to Tretton, Sony still has no idea who was responsible for the security breach that compromised the personal information of tens of millions of its customers.

"No. We still have no insights into who attacked us," he said.

Three members of the infamous Anonymous hacking collective were arrested in Spain last week in connection with attacks on Spain's Central Electoral Board (la Junta Electoral Central) and PlayStation Network.

However, the group has denied involvement in the PSN breach.

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