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Dyad announced for PSN

Psychedelic racer channels Rez, WipeOut.

Out-there racer Dyad is all set to blow minds on PlayStation Network, Sony has announced.

Developed by absurdly-monikered Canadian studio ][, it's an "abstract racing game that has influences in many genres including racing games, fighting games, puzzle games and classic arcade shooters" according to creator Shawn McGrath's guest PlayStation Blog post.

We'd better explain exactly what that entails, but to be totally honest, we're not entirely sure. It seems that rather than trying to stick to a racing line, you'll instead be interacting with enemies "in unique and varying ways" to pick up speed.

Your best bet is to check out the ravey trailer below for more clues.

There's no release date pinned down just yet, though McGrath added that the game has been in the works for three years, will run at 60 frames per second and support 1080p.