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Future of EA Sports MMA undecided

"It's not a no but it's also not a yes."

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EA Sports is yet to decide whether it will release another MMA game.

"A world where we're not involved in fighting is a world I'd rather not think about," EA Sports' Andrew Wilson told Kotaku.

"That said, what goes on in the sport, and what's gone on between the UFC and Strikeforce, certainly has an impact on what we can do in the space."

Wilson was referring to UFC's recent acquisition of Strikeforce, the principle licensor of EA Sports MMA.

Given rival publisher THQ's exclusive licensing agreement with UFC, Strikeforce is now unavailable to EA, leading some commentators to cast doubt on the future of the MMA series.

"I am, other than [EA Sports MMA executive producer] Dale Jackson, probably the biggest MMA fan here," Wilson continued.

"I used to watch the fights on pirate VHS tapes in black-and-white. I trained in jiu-jitsu with the Gracie family. I'm a huge fan of the sport.

"So it's not a 'no' but it's also not a 'yes'. We'd love for there to be one because I'm a diehard fan of the sport. We have to figure out how to make that happen."

Eurogamer's UFC Undisputed 2010 review smashed an 8/10. A third game from THQ, UFC Undisputed 3, is due out early next year.

Eurogamer's EA Sports MMA review responded with a 7/10.

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