UFC Undisputed 3


UFC Undisputed 3 Review

Pride and tested.

VideoUFC Undisputed 3 demo trailer

Martial arts taste-test available now.

VideoUFC Undisputed 3 trailer reveals roster

150 fighters across seven weight classes.

VideoUFC Undisputed 3 cover athlete vid

Who fronts the game? You decide.

Key events

THQ sues EA and Zuffa over UFC license deal

THQ discussed sale of company to EA.

Tattooist sues THQ for replicating UFC fighter's ink without permission

The tattoo belongs to the tattooist by default.

EA's Fight Night team will make the new UFC game

Khan think of a better choice.

THQ has "hit the bottom" but is now rebounding, says CEO

Plus, Farrell explains why it gave up on UFC.

THQ shuts UFC developer - report

Accused of burying bad news during E3.

EA steals UFC license in multi-year, multi-product deal

"Happy to be here, finally," quips UFC president Dana White.

THQ delays South Park: The Game, ditches Devil's Third

Reveals Saints Row, UFC sales, Company of Heroes 2 post-launch DLC.

UK retail game sales "half of what they should be"

"Consumers don't want to spend money."

Cheapest places to buy UFC Undisputed 3

Who wins the price fight?

UFC Undisputed 3 Review

Pride and tested.

THQ announces UFC Undisputed 3 Season Pass

Pre-purchase DLC at a reduced price.

THQ recommits to core games amid long-term health fears

Unwittingly appears to out Company of Heroes 2.

VideoUFC Undisputed 3 demo trailer

Martial arts taste-test available now.

THQ denies cancelling 2014 line-up of games

But Warhammer 40K MMO future less certain.

VideoUFC Undisputed 3 trailer reveals roster

150 fighters across seven weight classes.

FeatureUFC Undisputed 3 Preview

Third Strikeforce.

VideoUFC Undisputed 3 cover athlete vid

Who fronts the game? You decide.

VideoUFC Undisputed 3 trailer

Vote on your preferred cover star.

Future of EA Sports MMA undecided

"It's not a no but it's also not a yes."

VideoFirst UFC Undisputed 3 footage

THQ releases a new trailer to grapple with.

UFC Undisputed 3 announced

Out early 2012.

EA Sports MMA 2 sunk by Strikeforce sale?

UFC owner snaps up rival league.

UFC Facebook game goes beta

One step up from The Pentagon.

THQ extends UFC license to 2018

Expect "social, mobile and brand extensions".

THQ talks Dawn of War III, UFC 3

And del Toro and Schafer's second new game.

FeatureTHQ on everything

Dawn of War III, UFC 3, Guillermo del Toro and more.