UFC Undisputed 2010


VideoUFC 2010 Undisputed trailer

Get your fight on from September 10th.

VideoArt imitates life in UFC 2010

UFC 116: Lesnar Vs. Carwin recreated.

VideoUFC 2010 Undisputed - first 15 mins

Kristan hugs men until they tap out.

VideoUFC 2010: Undisputed launch trailer

Oh yeah? Say that to my face!

Key events

EA Sports MMA 2 sunk by Strikeforce sale?

UFC owner snaps up rival league.

The future of EA Sport's fledgling MMA franchise looks bleak after the UFC brand snapped up rival operator Strikeforce, upon which the publisher's 2010 brawler was based.

UFC Facebook game goes beta

UFC Facebook game goes beta

One step up from The Pentagon.

A new and official UFC game has elbow-dropped (they do that right?) onto Facebook.

Dubbed UFC Undisputed Fight Nation, the game allows you to fight each other and train and develop UFC careers.

Results are splurged across Facebook.

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UFC Undisputed 2010 patch detailed

UFC Undisputed 2010 patch detailed

Coming "later in October, possibly".

A patch for fighting game UFC Undisputed 2010 is in the works and could arrive later in October, publisher THQ has said.

It'll improve the online, camps and career modes and implement fixes across the board. You'll be able to view statistics of your opponent's fighter before proceeding to a match, for example.

Gameplay will also be tweaked with balancing. Ground Grappling Reversals will be balanced to reduce the ease of reversing opponents.

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Saints Row, UFC games for Facebook?

THQ talks social gaming plans.

Big THQ franchises like Saints Row and UFC could be coming to Facebook and other social gaming networks, according to CEO Brian Farrell.

THQ may scrap annual UFC policy

After disappointing sales of 2010 game.

THQ may axe its policy of releasing a UFC game every year after the last game in the mixed martial arts simulation series sold fewer copies than expected.

UFC Undisputed 2010

UFC Undisputed 2010

Kick and mix.

All sport is a metaphor for combat. The team games - football, rugby and so on - are sprawling battles; attackers and defenders ebb and flow up and down the field in a clash of will and power, led by steel-eyed captains. American Football is a series of frantic First World War-style scrambles for territory measured in 20-metre increments. Tennis is a pistol duel, squinting shots lined up in the glare of a high-noon sun; foot races are breakneck chases between predator and prey.

But while there's always risk, sometimes injury and occasionally death, sport largely remains metaphor. This is how some have argued that boxing falls outside sport's definition. There is, detractors say, no metaphor: it is deadly, brain-injuring combat, killer blows softened only by the padding on each fighter's fist, a concession to civility perhaps only introduced so the participants live long enough for promoters to make extra cash from intermission snack sales.

If you baulk at the lack of metaphor in boxing, then the unflinching brutality of mixed martial arts will scramble your mind. While the UFC - both in reality and in this game - assumes the glitzy presentation of the WWE, underneath the hot lights, pomp and swagger, stand two men entirely uninterested in providing entertainment. There is no metaphor: each eyes the other weighing in the mind how their own rock, paper, scissor combination of martial arts proficiencies might bring the other to a state of unconsciousness as quickly as possible.

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UFC Undisputed 2010

If it ain't Brock.

Although England has a history of international football tournament failure, here in the UK we're nonetheless renowned for our sporting patriotism - by which token UFC 2010 should make a good impression. Last year's game only had one English fighter, Michael Bisping, but for 2010 we're getting The Ultimate Fighter 9 winners Ross Pearson and James Wilks, as well as Dan "Dhalsim" Hardy - a Brit who survived an armbar and kimura submission attempt by legendary Welterweight Champion GSP. Other 2010 British additions include Terry Etim, Mostapha Al-turk and Andre Winner (unconfirmed), as well as James McSweeney for DLC. Get in.

UFC 2010 gets exclusive PS3 content

UFC 2010 gets exclusive PS3 content

Three new fighters, five new fights.

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 3 version of MMA fighter UFC Undisputed 2010 will include exclusive fighters and fights not available in other versions of the game.

In addition to the 15 Ultimate Fights planned for all versions of the game, PS3 players will be able to take part in five additional classic match-ups: UFN 18's Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann; UFC 60's Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie; UFC 66's Keith Jardine vs. Forrest Griffin; UFC 68's Martin Kampmann vs. Drew McFredries; and UFC 102's Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia.

The PS3 version of the game will also include three exclusive fighters: lightweight champion Jens Pulver, hall-of-famer Royce Gracie and former pro wrestler Dan Severn.

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UFC 2010: Undisputed

Second's out.

Using videogames to simulate and therefore predict real-life sporting events can be a hubristic business. Already this year I've watched John Terry lift the World Cup for England, courtesy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup team. And hasn't that turned out well so far?

THQ announces UFC 2010 Undisputed

THQ announces UFC 2010 Undisputed

Will square-up with EA's MMA next year.

THQ has announced UFC 2010 Undisputed in a short video that features muscles and fists.

"So you wanna be a fighter?" asks the clip. "This is how." And men in pants are fighting.

The full reveal is reserved for the Spike Video Game Awards this Saturday, 12th December. And you'll be able to watch the full event live online.

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