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THQ announces UFC 2010 Undisputed

Will square-up with EA's MMA next year.

THQ has announced UFC 2010 Undisputed in a short video that features muscles and fists.

"So you wanna be a fighter?" asks the clip. "This is how." And men in pants are fighting.

The full reveal is reserved for the Spike Video Game Awards this Saturday, 12th December. And you'll be able to watch the full event live online.

That UFC would return after the IP debuted like a locomotive this May, achieving both critical and commercial success, is unsurprising.

Next year, however, THQ steps into the ring with EA Sports MMA. And we've not had to wait long for a rivalry to flare-up between the two games, as UFC president Dana White has been (the most) vocal about the strength of his licence and the shortcomings of EA.

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