EA Sports MMA


Key events

20th October 2010

EA Sports MMA

19th October 2010

EA Sports MMA launch trailer

29th September 2010

EA Sports MMA demo gameplay

18th March 2010

EA Sports: MMA trailer

10th November 2009

MMA - Trailer

EA's Fight Night team will make the new UFC game

Khan think of a better choice.

EA closes MMA servers, despite Online Pass

10 other games also taken offline.

Future of EA Sports MMA undecided

"It's not a no but it's also not a yes."

EA Sports MMA 2 sunk by Strikeforce sale?

UFC owner snaps up rival league.

EA: There will be an MMA 2

Despite poor sales of the original.

EA Sports MMA "dead on arrival"

Analyst: fighter tops off poor year for EA.

UK chart: Fallout: New Vegas wins big

Vanquish, DJ Hero 2, MMA miss top 10.

VideoEA Sports MMA - first 15 mins

Gotta fight for this shove.

EA Sports MMA

Clinch of salt.

VideoEA Sports MMA launch trailer

As pleased as punch.

VideoEA Sports MMA demo gameplay

Available to download now.

Xbox 360 EA Sports MMA demo out now

Available later for PlayStation 3.


Or "Electronic Arts' Mixed Martial Arts", if you prefer.

VideoEA Sports MMA's Career mode detailed

Put your face in the game, and have it punched off.

MMA dated for the UK

EA going below the belt in October.

EA dates MMA fighting game

Hopes UFC the difference.

VideoEA Sports: MMA - Emelianenko Vs. Couture

Two worlds collide in EA's mixed martial arts title.

VideoEA Sports MMA brings people together

To punch each other in the face.

FeatureEA Sports MMA

Catch-kick as catch can.

MMA hopes to achieve "Madden effect"

And turn people onto mixed martial arts.

MMA signs Randy Couture

UFC legend sides with EA.

THQ parades UFC licence round ring

"There's one premiere league here."

EA signs Emelianenko for MMA game

The Russian golden goose UFC can't snag.

Moore hits back at UFC copycat calls

MMA will bring "innovation, authenticity".

Fight Night and MMA to alternate

"A fighting game every year."

E3: Electronic Arts unveils MMA

Stands for Mixed Martial Arts.