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20th October 2010

EA Sports MMA

19th October 2010

EA Sports MMA launch trailer

29th September 2010

EA Sports MMA demo gameplay

18th March 2010

EA Sports: MMA trailer

10th November 2009

MMA - Trailer

EA Sports MMA 2 sunk by Strikeforce sale?

UFC owner snaps up rival league.

The future of EA Sport's fledgling MMA franchise looks bleak after the UFC brand snapped up rival operator Strikeforce, upon which the publisher's 2010 brawler was based.

EA Sports MMA "dead on arrival"

Analyst: fighter tops off poor year for EA.

EA's attempt to muscle in on the mixed martial arts market with EA Sports MMA has been an unmitigated failure, according to industry analysts.

EA Sports MMA

EA Sports MMA

Clinch of salt.

As it increases in popularity, the world of Mixed Martial Arts is becoming ever more competitive as the best of the best get better by eliminating the weaknesses in their comprehensive fighting styles. With many epic battles to its name, 2010 has already tested some of the sports' greatest champions.

Brock Lesnar's title defence against Shane Carwin and Anderson Silva's gruelling match against Chael Sonnen both saw a bruised champion snatch a submission victory from the jaws of defeat. But while the real-life competition has been consistently brutal, MMA videogames have been dominated by the unchallenged success of UFC Undisputed until now.

EA Sports MMA steps into the ring this week to see if it has the mettle to topple the champion. But with THQ and Yuke's game having exclusivity with the UFC's armoury of muscle-bound sluggers, how has EA Tiburon come up with a competitive roster?Fortunately, the UFC isn't the only promoter with a penchant for bloody bouts and octagonal cages; EA has teamed up with one of Dana White's biggest competitors, Strikeforce.

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Or "Electronic Arts' Mixed Martial Arts", if you prefer.

Or "Electronic Arts' Mixed Martial Arts", if you prefer.

MMA dated for the UK

EA going below the belt in October.

EA has told Eurogamer this morning that fighting game MMA will be released on 22nd October in the UK.

EA Sports MMA

Catch-kick as catch can.

"I think everybody can agree the visuals are very pretty," says Hedrick "Rocky" Rivero, one of the designers on MMA, as he presents the game. Are they? You think? Flowers are pretty. The Chrysler Building is pretty. Unicorns and waterfalls and that Florence lady out of Florence + the Machine is pretty (just me?). MMA, chock full of sweaty biffers with stubbly faces and tight pants, simultaneously giving each other a lamping and a shoeing - these are the official terms - isn't really pretty is it?

MMA hopes to achieve "Madden effect"

And turn people onto mixed martial arts.

EA Sports hopes that its upcoming MMA game, previewed on Eurogamer today, will have a positive impact on mixed martial arts as a sport.

MMA signs Randy Couture

UFC legend sides with EA.

EA's MMA roster has grown again, as legendary UFC fighter Randy Couture has put pen to paper and agreed to appear in the game.

EA signs Emelianenko for MMA game

The Russian golden goose UFC can't snag.

EA Sports has finally announced star fighters for MMA, despite UFC boss Dana White threatening to ban any athlete signing for the game.

Moore hits back at UFC copycat calls

MMA will bring "innovation, authenticity".

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has brushed off UFC copycat allegations by explaining that Mixed Martial Arts has been in development for at least two years already.

E3: Electronic Arts unveils MMA

E3: Electronic Arts unveils MMA

Stands for Mixed Martial Arts.

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has unveiled the company's next big sports franchise - MMA.

That stands for Mixed Martial Arts, don't you know. It was announced at EA's E3 press conference, but there was no word on release date or platforms.

Moore did promise "an authentic and broad mixed martial arts experience". He was standing in front of a funky logo and a picture of a man's muscly back, complete with tattoo. "We are more than ready for the fight," said Moore.

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