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MMA signs Randy Couture

UFC legend sides with EA.

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EA's MMA roster has grown again, as legendary UFC fighter Randy Couture has put pen to paper and agreed to appear in the game.

Now retired, Couture is considered the most popular UFC fighter of all time after his influential role in bringing the sport to US mainstream media.

He's fought in 15 title fights, won the UFC heavyweight crown on five occasions, and held belts for two different weight classes at the same time. Couture is currently pursuing an acting career, and recently portrayed Commander Warren Fuller in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

Plus, being retired means Couture can sign for EA without fear of reprisals from UFC boss Dana White, who has openly threatened to dump any current fighter if they side with his videogame rival.

He said EA snubbed the opportunity to sign the UFC licence years earlier, and claims to be "at war" with the publisher as a result. EA Sports boss Peter Moore is having none of it, however, shrugging the spat off as "not really my issue" to Fight Game host Mike Strata in a recent interview (spotted by Joystiq).

Mixed Martial Arts enters the ring on PS3 and Xbox 360 next year. Whether THQ's new best-selling UFC Undisputed series can live up to its name remains to be seen.

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