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Who's Winning E3? Day 4

What you're clicking on most.

Yes, it's that time again. Sorry. Here's the list of the E3 stories being read most on Eurogamer, as of 3pm Thursday.

Who had the most popular press conference? Which new handheld is getting the most attention? Why is everyone still clicking on that F1 preview? You'll find answers to some of these questions below.


1. Microsoft E3 conference live text

Microsoft's is the most-read of all the press conference live texts for the third day running. To be fair, they did have a head-start as they went first. But also to be fair, they did a lovely job. We are not console racists ONE LOVE.

2. Nintendo E3 conference live text

In second place it's the Nintendo show, hosted by Reggie Fils-Aime. Or as one reader so brilliantly described him, "The lost Miliband brother."

3. Nintendo Wii U Specs Emerge

Knocking the Sony conference down into fourth, it's that thing about Wii U specs. Well, might as well read about the screen dimensions if we can't read about the price. Or the release date. Or see any videos of third-party games.

A Wii U tech demo.

4. Sony E3 conference live text

That 1am GMT start time didn't do Sony any favours, did it? Mind you, neither did those hackers who OH JUST LEAVE IT WOULD YOU.

5. 7 things you didn't know about Wii U

Why trawl through 7000 words of Iwata and Miyamoto spaffing on about their wives and dogs when Johnny Minkley has done it for you? Thanks, Johnny!

6. Halo 4 confirmed by Microsoft

We were tempted to change the number in this headline to "5" today, just for some cheap hits. But we're better than that. Although judging by the title of this article, only marginally.

The start of another trilogy. Blimey.

7. NGP hands-on

So it looks like you're keener to read about playing with a PS Vita than you are to know what it's like to hold a Wii U. But hang on...

8. Wii U hands-on

The Wii U hands-on is close behind. In fact there are only a couple of hundred clicks in it. Serious fanboys may wish to man the F5 button right now.

9. F1 2011 preview

Why is this still here? Oh all right then: still on track but lagging behind at the back of the pack it's this wheely good preview about save us save us Lord yours is the power and the glory can there really still be more than 24 hours of E3 left?

10. NGP's backwards compatibility revealed

Lumines! How could we forget Lumines? See, that's FIVE great PSP games! Yes we are glossing over the fact at least two of them are available on multiple platforms!

Join us again at 3pm tomorrow, when this deeply unpopular and probably ill thought-out series will limp to a painful finish as we ask: Who WON E3?

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