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100 staff cut from LA Noire credits

Former workers list missing names.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Over 100 L.A. Noire staff members have not been credited for their work on the game.

Workers whose contracts were severed prior to the end of L.A. Noire's production have discovered they are not listed in the game's end credits or manual.

A number of unnamed ex-Team Bondi workers have launched a website listing the complete L.A. Noire credits, upset their names have not been included.

"We are writing to you as a group of former Team Bondi developers who worked on the recently released hit console game," an e-mail recieved by Eurogamer reads. "The game's credits roll is missing over 100 names, many of whom we personally worked with during our time there. Others have been credited under 'Special Thanks', where they would be eligible to be credited under their relevant discipline."

Why have these people been ignored? "Because they were not there during the final month or two of production, or for some other subjective criteria", the email explains.

"A significant portion of these people did not leave Team Bondi by choice: they were made redundant as the art production wound down, and as Quality Assurance was shifted off-shore to Rockstar's studios."

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