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Spanish police DDOSed by Anonymous

"Now you must expect the fire."

Anonymous has taken revenge on the Spanish police force by hacking its website.

The Spanish police website was down for an hour yesterday, reported the BBC.

Anonymous claimed responsibility on the AnonOps blog, and called the action a "direct response" to Friday's arrest of three people thought central to the Anonymous cause.

Spanish police carried out the arrests for cyber attacks on Sony's websites, as well as those of banks and governments. Cuffs weren't slapped on wrists because of the PlayStation Network hack.

However, Sony believes Anonymous did have something to do with the PSN hack - a belief that stems from a file left on Sony's servers entitled Anonymous and contains the words "We are Legion".

Anonymous had earlier declared war on Sony for the "wholly unforgivable" treatment of PS3 Jailbreak creator George "GeoHot" Hotz.

"Greetings Spanish Government," an Anonymous press release began.

"We know you have heard of us; we are Anonymous. It has come to our attention that you deemed it necessary to arrest three of our fellow anons [sic], which you claim to be the leaders of Anonymous and for their participation in DDoS attacks against various websites.

"First and foremost, DDoSing is an act of peaceful protest on the internet. The activity is no different than sitting peacefully in front of a shop denying entry. Just as is the case with traditional forms of protest.

"You are providing us with the fuel, but now you must expect the fire."


"Regardless of how many times you are told, you refuse to understand. There are no leaders of Anonymous. Anonymous is not based on personal distinction.

"Arresting somebody for taking part in a DDoS attack is exactly like arresting somebody for attending a peaceful demonstration in their home town. Anonymous believes this right to peacefully protest is one of the fundamental pillars of any democracy.

"You have not detained three participants of Anonymous. We have no members and we are not a group of any kind. You have, however, detained three civilians expressing themselves.

"You are providing us with the fuel, but now you must expect the fire."

"Awaiting your action,


"We are Legion. We do not forgive your attacks on freedom. We do not forget your ignorance. Expect Revolution. Expect us.

The Spanish police said any website can collapse if enough people try to access it. "I cannot confirm the link with the Anonymous group," the spokesperson added.