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New games to celebrate Zelda's 25th

Miyamoto offers links to past

In a stirring introduction to its E3 conference, Nintendo used a full orchestra to announce plans for the 25th anniversary The Legend of Zelda.

"Zelda - it sure brings back memories," said creator Shigeru Miyamoto as he walked on stage following the orchestra's rendition of the score from forthcoming Zelda adventure Skyward Sword.

"We have prepared a game for each of our hardware systems," he explained.

Miyamoto reconfirmed the release of Game Boy title Link's Awakening for 3DS Virtual Console, announcing that it would become available from today. The 3D remake of Ocarina of Time, as we know, is due later this month.

In September a DSi version of The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords will be made available as a free download. And Skyward Sword was confirmed for a "holiday" 2011 release.

Elsewhere, Nintendo announced a special gold Wiimote to accompany the release of Skyward Sword. And two music CDs were confirmed: the first, the Ocarina of Time soundtrack, will be free to those who sign up to Club Nintendo early after picking up the 3DS remake.

The second will be based on a classical concert tour, which will see Zelda music performed around the world this year. The CD will be released alongside Skyward Sword.

"Last year was the 25th anniversary of Mario; this year is the 25th anniversary of Zelda," Miyamoto added. "Since we first released the game the gameplay [of Zelda] and visuals have constantly evolved. And so has the music".

The Nintendo conference is currently being staged in Los Angeles.

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