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Better Dungeon Siege 3 PC controls soon

Obsidian lays down update plans.

Obsidian is working on an update to improve the PC controls for Dungeon Siege III, Eurogamer can reveal.

"If there are PC gamers who are having a negative reaction it's less about what the combat is, it's more how the combat controls," lead designer Nathaniel Chapman told Eurogamer in an interview published today.

"Actually this is one thing I would have liked to have spent more time on, and we are actually spending time on now. Basically, as long as PC gamers have a good way to control the combat they will enjoy it.

"One review - I can't remember which - said if you play with a game pad the combat is great, so right now we're working on improving the PC controls through an update."

Chapman also mulled "a more fleshed-out tutorial system" for statistics and "having more unique armour variants".

"It's always good sequel or DLC material," he teased.

Dungeon Siege III re-imagines a group-action RPG series created by Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games. Obsidian, developer of Fallout: New Vegas, brought it up to date with necessary refinements.

Eurogamer's review of Dungeon Siege III awarded a 'buy me' 8/10.

"[It's a] smart action RPG that boasts such good combat that it doesn't matter if the loot, traditionally the heart of these games, is disappointing. In fact, it's so good that I think I'm going to go back and play it right now," wrote reviewer Quintin Smith.

Eurogamer's full interview with Nathaniel Chapman discusses Dungeon Siege III review feedback and leaving behind a past tarnished with bugs.

Dungeon Siege III.