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Jaffe slams "racist" Twisted Metal "fan"

Bleep. ****. $%@*!

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Outspoken Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe has hit out at a gamer who criticised the inclusion of music from rapper Jay-Z in the PlayStation 3 exclusive action game.

Jaffe accused the "fan" of being racist.

"This is a quote from a supposed Twisted Metal 'fan' on the great TM fansite Twisted Metal Alliance," he said on Twitter.

"Check this racist s*** out (it's this person's response to some of the licensed music I tweeted earlier that would be in the game): 'Really? Most of these suck! Is he really trying to get Jay-z songs in a Twisted Metal? Not to be racist but I don't want to here blacks rap about there [sic] b***hes and hoes at all. Nor do I want them playing TM. That's not racist right? It needs Metal! Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax; the big four! I bet theres [sic] a black guy on his team that needs pleasing...'"

Angry Jaffe later Tweeted: "F***ing WOW, right? I mean-f*** man: I'm so stunned that a game I can co-direct can connect and communicate with such an ignorant a***ole. On a side note: remind me to send a copy of 'Elements of Style' to this Klan member. F***..."

Then: "Also, we support custom soundtracks so if you REALLY want YOUR MUSIC for this game, then we support that. I'd never support custom soundtracks for a game like God of War but for Twisted Metal it seems to make sense. The soundtrack that ships with the game is the one that we on the team feel best represents our vision but we're OK if you want to tweak that with your own music :)...."

"The music Scott and I have selected for the new Twisted Metal comes from a pure place of what best fits the vibe of the game. Never once were we like, 'Well we need to appeal to African Americans so let's put in some rap'... First off, that's an ignorant assumption given that the days of only African Americans listening to rap ended with f***ing Krush Groove (if they ever existed at all)..."

And: "The music we selected is because it's aggressive and represents the characters and the world. A good example: don't f***ing tell me the Mr. Grimm battling Iron Maiden to the soundtrack of Jay-Z's '99 Problems' doesn't make sense. Now again, we probably won't GET a Jay-Z song in the game cause he's too expensive I would imagine... but trust me: we're selecting songs because they are right for the game... not because we are trying to check off a list of songs to broaden the market. I mean honestly: who the f*** pays 60 bucks for a video game cause it has a soundtrack they like anyway?!?"

Guess that's that.

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