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LittleBigPlanet 2 Move DLC explained

New levels and creation tools incoming.

Developer Media Molecule has revealed details of what to expect from LittleBigPlanet 2's impending Move DLC expansion.

Due out in September, the pack will let you create levels for the PlayStation Move motion controller, as well as try out a few of Media Molecule's own creations for Sony's wand.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, you'll drop a power-up called the Manipulator into a level to enable Move gameplay.

Once picked up, the player can aim by pointing the Move wand and pick up, move and carry objects by holding the trigger. A glowing orb around Sackboy shows its range.

The Moveinator, meanwhile, is the Move's equivalent of the base game's Controlinator feature, giving you access to the controller's gyroscopes and accelerometers.

Other additions include multipliers on Score Givers, and speed and rotation sensors which let you track how much an object is moving.

The new Slicer Tool allows you to pick any two points on the edge of a shape and cut it in half, while the Move Recorder is a new logic chip which lets you apply realistic, organic behaviors to any item.

Finally, there's also a new sticker creation feature that lets you use the Move controller as a paint brush.

The versatility of these new gizmos is shown off in the developer's own stages, which apparently include Monkey Ball-esque maze mini-games and pure puzzle stages, as well as more traditional platforming challenges.